STACK – Connecting a Complex Pharmacy Ecosystem

A Message from our CEO – Jonathan Ogurchak

There’s been so much new coming out of STACK over the last several weeks – I felt like it would be a good time to bring it all together and highlight how we’ve been looking around every corner to anticipate the needs of our clients. We’ve realized that even though we can keep building great products, we can get to more complete solutions – faster – by seeking out the best of the best and building meaningful partnerships. By building solutions TOGETHER, we’ve anticipated ways to connect our clients with exactly what they’re looking for – and at discounts that you wouldn’t be able to get except for being a STACK client.  Here are those that we’ve announced recently:

Accreditation Support – Look no further than the team at StranzCrossley, Inc.  We recognize their expertise when it comes to preparedness, management, and maintenance of what’s needed for accreditation programs – so we built a relationship there.  They are our preferred Accreditation Support Partner, and can work with pharmacies to set up their operations to match exactly what’s needed to delivery quality

Compliance Education – Sure, we can help to organize your trainings..but what happens if you don’t have the necessary content to include IN those trainings?  Enter CEimpact – a leader in professional healthcare education.  They have a suite of over 15 programs that pharmacies need (and payors/accreditors are looking for) that now align within STACK to provide you exactly what you need.  Assign it to your employees, track it through to completion, just like you would your other STACK tasks.

Comprehensive Law Database – Another question we’d hear was “well, you can organize licenses, but do you provide information about changes to pharmacy law state-by-state?”  We didn’t – but now we’ve partnered with Bula Intelligence to bring their Comprehensive Law Database right to you.  Stay on top of changes at the state level, and match that with the ongoing license management you’ve come to love within STACK.

Screenings, Verifications, Etc – You’re expected to complete background checks, primary source license verification, and much, much more for your employees already – why not integrate that into a single source of truth like STACK?  Accurate Background does all of that – and aligns with the STACK framework to bring it all together. 


To quote Chubbs Peterson (or the Carpenters…either way) – WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN.  As we expand our universe to encapsulate everything you need to manage your professional life, we’ll continue to find partners like those I just mentioned – ones that both provide the meaningful service AND approach business in a likeminded way – to round out and improve the STACK experience.  It’s based on your feedback and our desires to bring the best platform to the marketplace that’s going to get us there.