Jonathan Ogurchak, PharmD, CSP

CEO & Co-Founder

Prior Experience: PANTHERx Specialty, Accredo
Fun Fact: I’ve been to over 250 Pirates games in my lifetime
Free-Time Activity: Rooting for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Duquesne Dukes, and my kids’ baseball/softball teams
Favorite GIF
Food: Ice Cream
Drink: Black Coffee or Angel’s Envy (on the rocks)
Movie: Catch Me If You Can
Album Cover-to-Cover: Before These Crowded Streets – Dave Matthews Band
You can ask me anything/everything about: Planning a Disney Vacation

Adam Gwin

Director, Software Engineering

Prior Experience: Paylocity, Autosoft Inc.
Fun Fact: Video game development was once a hobby of mine, and I was part of a team that published a game on Steam.
Free-Time Activity: Hanging out with family, watching Hockey, Video Games
Favorite GIF
Food: BBQ
Drink: Monster Zero Ultra
Movie: Miracle or Interstellar
Album Cover-to-Cover: Foo Fighters – In Your Honor or Incubus – Morning View
You can ask me anything/everything about: Hockey

Freddy Henin

Director, Software Engineering

Prior Experience: Autosoft Inc., Paylocity
Fun Fact: my legal name is “Freddy”….. with a y
Free-Time Activity: either a movie, tv show, or video game
Favorite GIF
Food: Chicken Parmesan
Drink: Lattes
Movie: Gladiator
Album Cover-to-Cover: John Mayer’s Continuum
You can ask me anything/everything about: Apple Products

Cassandra Pavkovich

Director, Services & Accreditation

Prior Experience: 10 years in specialty pharmacy with 6 concentrated on quality and accreditation
Fun Fact: ‘Verbiage’ is almost never used correctly in speech or text.
Free-Time Activity: Paddleboarding or most any outdoor activity
Favorite GIF
Food: I love food in general and will never turn down good sushi
Drink: Ice cold water or a gin & tonic, both with a squirt of lemon and lime
Movie: Anything Star Wars, Avengers, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings… I think there is a theme here…
Album Cover-to-Cover: I love all kinds of music and I am horrible at band and album names, but I will never skip over Tom Petty
You can ask me anything/everything about: Anything! I love to share knowledge and if I don’t know we will figure it out together.

Jake Haug

Pharmacy Sales Executive

Prior Experience: Live Events & Marketing Intern at MJH Life Sciences and Sales Operations Intern at Red Nucleus.
Fun Fact: The Jets have lost more games than they’ve won in my lifetime (just a fact, not fun).
Free-Time Activity: Golfing, Fishing, and hanging out with friends & family.
Favorite GIF
Food: Buffalo Wings
Drink: Bulleit Bourbon on the rocks
Movie: Good Will Hunting or I Love You, Man
Album Cover-to-cover: The Wall – Pink Floyd
You can ask me anything/everything about: The New York Jets