Investing in Compliance When it Counts

When times are tough, tough decisions are often made. 

Let’s think of it this way: if you have $5 in your wallet, you can fill your stomach at lunchtime with a fast food 4 for $4 meal and still have some change to spare.  It’s so much easier to make that quick trip through the drive thru lane without the immediate thoughts of the long-term implications.  With every McNugget you consume, though, you’ve made a choice between a healthier option – investing in your future – and the easier option.  When the times are tough and it’s easier to look away from the complications associated with your possibly questionable decisions. Time will tell how those little decisions add up, and the effect on your overall health.  However, it’s reasonable to assume that choosing a non-fast food option has less impact on your cardiovascular health, diabetes risk, and weight gain than would the “easy” route.


Right now, organizations worldwide are being faced with similar situations.  Do we invest in infrastructure that’s necessary for the long term, or look to make short term cuts to make ends meet?  It’s far easier to recognize the short-term gain of saving money to reallocating resources away from areas needed to maintain the business over time.  More stories come to light every day as to these difficult decisions that are being made with furloughs, layoffs, and downsizing.  Sure, you’re saving money today to hit budgetary constraints – but what happens in 3 months, 6 months, 12 month’s time when you need the results that should have been completed by those internal groups.


Compliance departments tend to fit in that unique position as well.  Their responsibilities are absolutely mission critical – yet oftentimes go unnoticed as valuable since they aren’t immediately revenue-driving in nature.  However, should a license lapse or accreditation falter, the contracts relying on those requirements (and the ability to drive associated revenue) goes away.  Why is it then that non-patient facing departments tend to be the ones that face the chopping block when times get tough?  Once you’ve missed deadlines, you can’t go back and recreate what’s missed.


That’s where STACK comes in – it’s the healthy alternative on the McNugget Budget. We’ve designed the infrastructure that can solve the short-term need of helping to offset budget restrictions while also affording the long-term solution of augmenting the support traditionally provided by personnel resources. With STACK, you have the resources at your fingertips to be able to both build and maintain a healthy framework for your organization. 


Times are tough – there’s great uncertainty in where the future is headed.  One thing is for certain: organizational compliance isn’t going to get any easier, no matter how you look to manage it internally.  Find ways to better reallocate your resources and set your organization up for future success – schedule a demo with STACK today.