5 Problems Scaling Pharmacies Face Today

Scaling your Operations – with STACK®  

Oftentimes for pharmacies, the excitement of scaling is met with struggle. 

When you’re at the point of hiring more employees and building additional processes for managing the needs of your patients; processes get increasingly complexsilos emerge, operations that were once effective break down, and efficiency takes a huge hit.  

This doesn’t have to be your realitySTACK is here to help. 

We’ve identified five of the most common problems pharmacy organizations (especially those that are rapidly scaling) face, and how STACK will solve them. You might read one and think, yep, that’s us”, or maybe all five are relevant to your team in some capacity. Either way, STACK is here to assist. 

#1: Information Chaos 

The problemManagement does not have time to proactively collect, organize, and analyze business informationwhich makes it difficult (or impossible) to make data-driven operational decisions. 

The solutionSTACK is designed specifically for collecting data from multiple business verticals (employee onboardingaccreditationlicensure, etc.) to organize and make easily accessible for teams across the company. Managers set up workflows and cadences for delivering critical information, as well as dashboards that update automatically to provide real-time snapshots of the organizational health of the pharmacy. 

#2: Lack of Insights 

The problemPharmacy informational insights reach the executive team once a quarter, at best. 

The solutionOnce STACK is populated with your business information, the team running STACK becomes the liaisons between business operation data and the executive team. This could include sharing insights to advise on hiring, supplying accreditation data for access scaling, and ensuring decision makers have the critical information they need on a consistent basis. 

#3: Accountability Gaps 

The problemEmployee paperwork lives in multiple places, with no simple way to see it in aggregate. 

The solution: With a dedicated STACK for each employeethe team running STACK manages all employee asset channels (such as training attestations, licenses, credentialing documentation and more), and puts further accountability on each employee to stay on top of their own tasks.  Share this documentation across the organization where and when it needs to be utilized, and monitor compliance through integrated dashboards and reports. 

#4: Siloed Information Utilization 

The problem: Each department in your pharmacy manages information differently, creating inconsistencies and inefficiencies for the wider team. 

The solutionSTACK helps streamline the entire information management process, both by keeping track of every active business asset and creating processes to increase efficiency through sharing resourcesSTACK users are tasked with preventing asset overlap, establishing effective workflows and creating relevant documentation, segmenting user populations, and ensuring the data coming out of all business documentation is clean and accurate. 

#5: Wasted Labor Around Tools 

The problem: There is expensive labor around SharePoint and Access tools in your tech stack that never fulfills your pharmacy needs (aka money down the drain). 

The solutionSTACK manages your entire business as a pharmacy information ecosystem, without the need for expensive professional labor to build and maintain. Unlike other solutions, STACK is curated for the needs of a pharmacy, instead of applying one-size-fits-all software to complex, unique business needs.  The platform is easy to maintain both when first implemented and on an ongoing basis. Using STACK to facilitate best practices helps ensure everyone gets the most out of your pharmacy information.