365 Days of Growth

We’ve had lots of new followers here at STACK over the last several months, so with hitting our year install milestone AND 500th LinkedIn follower today, we wanted to share a longer post to reiterate why we’re doing what we’re doing:

STACK is the ONLY healthcare professional information management platform. Designed by pharmacists and health tech professionals, we were tired of hearing frustrations related to day-to-day management of what should be simple pharmacy operational tasks. However, administrative burden associated with managing areas “outside of the dispense” continued to increase costs to the business, taking away very critical dollars that could be spent on patient-facing care.

More importantly, however, those “outside of the dispense” areas are faced by every organization. Yet, there wasn’t a simple, intuitive solution that brought all of these areas together in one place. Instead, you’re managing it in spreadsheets, Windows file folders, SharePoint, or maybe even the good old fashioned paper file folder. Every organization was left to their own devices to come up with a creative solution to tackle these mission critical aspects. 

Enter STACK. A carefully a combination of carefully curated content, along with a new approach to organizing, assigning, following up, and proving every aspect of compliance associated with good business practices.  We’ve built ways to centralize and organize all of the aspects of your organization, with ways to empower you and your teams to work more effectively, and ultimately eliminate risk.

We’ve built meaningful partnerships with likeminded organizations who help to augment and connect the work you’re doing within STACK – groups like StranzCrossley, Inc, CEimpact, and Bula Law all share common goals of bringing resources to grow better teams – and STACK now serves as a way to connect it all together.

More than just pharmacies, we recently launched a member and education management portal for the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute – ensuring their members can take advantage of their top-line educational content, and ensuring their organization can approach member management in a far more meaningful way.  

We’ve only just begun – with more organizations coming onboard each and every week, we’re continually pushing the envelope of what you should expect from a healthcare software platform.  We’re striving to put all of the meaningful information for your professional life in one place so you don’t need to search for another username, another password, another website.  Lots to be excited about for such a young company – even one that kicked off their sales efforts in the middle of a pandemic.  Join us – take a look for yourself and see how STACK can drastically change the way that you manage your business.